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The Tax Club is a scam! They work with other companies, that set up fake businesses for you and then tell you that you need their services for your business.. I mean, fake business. The Tax Club scammed me out of 20k. That's a lot of money. I got some help from a company called CR Consumer Resources and they helped me get my money back. They did not charge me any upfront fees and did all of the work for me. They were great. If you have been... Read more

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I've worked along side and for Tedd Johnson. To put it simply, Tedd Johnson is one of THE biggest dicks in all of America. There's very few people who I can honestly say have a special place in *** for them, Tedd is one of them. His personality alone is one that looks down upon others, thinks because his name is behind a company it will succeed, and could care less about you. Just by looking at him you can tell he lives in a sad pathetic world.... Read more

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The tax club called me to setup an online business and told me that I need to pay some amount to be a member which is around $2500. I never gave them the consent to make a transaction from my account but they still did and emptied my account since they had my debit card number. I called them back to return my money because how could I invest any money when I was not making any, they returned the money back two weeks later but it was not the full... Read more

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If anyone has been contacted by above company listed and/or there affiliates, and feel like you have fallen victim to scam, please contact us at FIAD Services (800)-753-6724. We have helped 1000's from companies like this and continue to do so day and night. FIAD Services does not and will not ever charge an upfront fee; we are here for you to get the help you need by righting this terrible wrong. You can visit us at WWW.FIADSERVICES.COM for... Read more

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I have had two of my credit card balances go over the credit limits due to their charges and manner in which they asked for authorization. I just got another bill for a recurring monthly fee of $34.95 that I did not even know about. What is the start-up fee suppose to be for? I have emailed them on a survey that Why am I prepaying for services? Only go get messages on my phone, but when I call back no one knows what I'm talking about. I... Read more

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I, as well was suckered a home-based business EBN and by The Tax Club. I was told I could cancel within 3 days. I thought about it the same night, called the next day to cancel, then was told someone would contact me within 24 to 48 hrs. Someone did call, then I was pressured to do it again. I said No and called back to re cancel. No one ever answers the phone or have answered my emails. I had to dispute it with my credit card company. ... Read more

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I got sucked in big time by the Tax Club after sighing up to start my own website I was contacted by The Tax Club very hard sell , refused at first but was rung by more than one person. I new it was to good to be true but was not well at the time and I think they knew that . I was told I could claim it all back on a tax return but when I rung I was told that I had to be trading before I could do a Tax return.I live in New Zealand so it is hard... Read more

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I am also a consumer who fell for the tax club blah! blah! blah! It sounded so good. They sent me a notebook with my company logo ect on it. They helped me get a tax id (which I found out I could do myself online) Should this cost $3600 and a reaccuring monthly fee of 49$. I did not know that I could get the same help from a local accountant. In their original spill they say a regular local accountant cannot help you like they can. Their right... Read more

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The Tax Club sold me two programs - one through The Tax Club and the other through All Access Books. Before my business was even turning over, they insisted that I absolutely needed their bookkeeping. It was allegedly essential and warned of how you must be careful of audits. After earthquakes, I moved countries advising The Tax Club of my address. I forwarded all the financial data they had asked for - putting hours into the compilation of... Read more

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I would not recommend this company to anyone. Their methods are very cookie cutter. You get bounced around from rep. to rep. with no idea of what is going on. You end up so confused with the services you are receiving and what you are actually doing. They are always trying to sell you other services without focusing on the services you've paid for. I kept having reps offer to sign me up for other services at additional costs before they ever... Read more

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