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I got a call from the tax club company from New York and I believed the hype they were selling over the phone. I should have remembered that saying, "If it sounds to good to be true it usually is."

Instead I believed it all. I gave them twice the money I would have paid to have these tax services done locally.

I got a customer service phone number from them when I purchased the plan and it turns out that number got me through to a service which was a third party phone service. The people who answered my first customer service call didn't know anything about income taxes at all. I was really worried after I made that first service call. I knew this company would be diving into my personal finances. I was afraid of what happen would happen if I needed assistance with my secure information and got referred to a third party from this club. They would call me on the phone and from then on I always wondered if they were indeed working for the tax club. I couldn't see their faces. They weren't in an office. They were just voices on the other end of the phone line. Honestly, I had no idea who I really was talking to. I worried about this constantly. Finally I asked for a refund.

I really didn't want to have my income taxes done with people so far away. I needed a service closer. The rep was so nice on the phone and seemed to really understand. If I had questions to call and he would help. Well I called several times and of course he wasn't able to take my call. This didn't help me to feel any better about this tax company. I have other issues and doubts about this company which I won't go into online.

I talked to the New York Better Business Bureau about this club. I even disputed the charge through the credit card company. It was a long and drawn out process. I didn't get that refund. At first I was a pissed consumer. I repayed the credit card company. Happily, I closed out that credit card account and swore never to use that bank again.

Yaah...I know I was a sucker. The Tax Club got some free money upfront and didn't have to do anything for it.

Honestly, I am happy to be rid of this tax club company. I have read the numerous complaints about this company from other people and I believe I am lucky to have gotten away from them without the thousands of added dollars from fees that others say have occured when using this tax club service. I say goodbye and good riddance.

Monetary Loss: $895.

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PMI and the Tax Club and so many other scammers all work together. I hope this message finds you and I'm hoping that you were successful in recovering your money.

I also hired an attorney and I did not win the case! I was scammed by the Tax Club, PMI and Fidelity Merchant Solutions too for over $30,000 about 2 yrs ago. The same thing happened to me and I hired a company called CR Consumer Resources and I recovered every penny from the Tax Club. If you want to see your money jump on it now.

This company really helped me out. I cant believe I got all of my investment from these fraudsters back. I just received my money from the credit cards that I put the transactions on yesterday. I wanted to come online and let people know where to get help. 888-563-5558. Take your money back! Get the help! I did and even got interest and fees paid on my credit cards.

I am still in shock. I never thought I'd see that money again.


Geez Laurie,

Looks like someone told you to back peddle on the slander and you did a good job.


OMG! I know exactly how you feel and im in the proccess of getting them off my back.

I was thinking of getting a lawyer involved and cracking down on this semi-legal scam. they have done nothing but robb me of my money and left me in debt. in return, I have a worthless S corperation that I cant do anything with without a buisness that they promissed they'd help me set up. I should have done more research on this tax club scam.

they are what you call a middle-man service, which explains your third party experiance. I wish there was something we can do about this!


As a follow up to my complaint I have done more internet searching of the tax club and it seems some are very happy with the tax club and its services.

If you are one of these people I am very happy for you and the tax club. I want to send you my very best wishes.

I am so much happier having my income taxes done with a person who works in an office and I can talk this person face to face.

by Laurie

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