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The worst business decision I ever made. From my experience, they are a frustrating, no service organization (I use "organization" with reservation).

After signing, I received calls to set appointments, supposedly with the tax club staff to review business tax issues. Not so, the calls were sales calls selling additional services; book keeping, deduction services, business plans, ect. And in the end you do all the work and they only file.

Their "customer service" number produced nothing but aggravation, no accountant, and nothing resembling an intelligent response to questions.

My advise, stay away from the tax Club, find a local accountant you can sit with, look in the eye and who knows taxes.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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g n farley

hey raxsf i like a lawsuit i am in too the rip me off too

g n farley

hey raxsf i like a lawsuit i am in too the rip me off too


Raxsf, did you notice that they started putting BS^(T articles on websites like and marketwatch, and claiming to save DROWNING Upstarts?

They and their Public Relations folks are horrible, truly horrible.


I am experiencing the same treatment and am trying to retrieve all the money they have sucked out of my credit card and put me on the brink of bankruptcy.

Has anyone started a class action against these sharks? if so I am in.

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