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This is a letter I wrote to PMI an affiliate of The Tax Club in the hopes they would help me recover damages from The Tax Club, but they would not as they are in cahoots with The Tax Club.

Mr. Marque Trosper,

My complaint is with the Tax Club and the fact that you sold my name to an untrustworthy, lying company. When they contacted me and wanted to set up my corporation, I specifically asked them if it was the same program as Stores on Line, as to a corporation, full personal and corporate asset protection, and a living Trust. Their answer was yes. I asked them no less that 3-5 times and always got the same answer, yes, so I allowed them to set up my corporation.

Then they contacted me about setting up a bookkeeping service. They informed me that as a corporation, I needed to file reports with the IRS, immediately, or within the first 30 to 60 days of setting it up. After I signed up, I found that all they were going to do for $1,000.00 for the first year was to allow me to use their online spread sheet, so that I could put my figures in and print out a report for my taxes at the end of the year. I contacted Frank Colletti, the salesman and informed him that he had lied to me and of my dissatisfaction in the way Tax Club does business. I was informed that his supervisor would contact me. In the meantime, I contacted a CPA that informed me that no quarterly reports are ever due by the IRS. She did explain that estimated taxes are the only thing that is due quarterly.

When his supervisor called me, I told her that before she tries to lie to me, I have already contacted a CPA and know the answers. She admitted that there are no quarterly reports due and that she would refund my money.

Them their corporate credit people contacted me, and again proceeded to lie to me and try to hand me a line of BS. Since I have figured this company out, I proceeded to let the guy know he was full of ***, and that I do not due business with liars and thieves.

The problem that has yet to be resolved is the fact that the Tax Club did not nor does it use the same legal program as Stores on Line, as they had told me. My corporate structure is all screwed up and my assets are dangling in the wing. My corporation now needs to be dissolved and I have to start all over again. When I spoke with Anthony Williams from Tax Club he kind of acknowledged that they did not do what I had requested, and agreeded to draw up the disillusion papers and return my money. This is not acceptable since I am out not only the money for their non services but also filing fees, postage, 2 months of income since I cannot open a bank account without the corporate papers, as well as interest on my credit card. What they did is lie to me and screw thing up beyond belief. Had the told me they do not do what I asked for, I would have never done business with them.

What the Tax Club had also done is put PMI, Stores on Line, and themselves in a possible legal mess. I want this matter resolved in a fair and equitable manner, and I want PMI to help in negotiating a resolving this matter since you sold my name to them and they are an affiliate of yours. If this matter cannot be resolved then I will be forced to file a lawsuit in which I will name all 3 companies, and we can then battle it out in a jury trial. I want to be fair about this, but tax Club knowingly screwed me out of not only two months income, but also two months exposure of my site online. I sincerely hope that you can persuade Tax Club to resolve and settle this mess they created so that it can be put to rest.

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PMI and the Tax Club and so many other scammers all work together. I hope this message finds you and I'm hoping that you were successful in recovering your money.

I also hired an attorney and I did not win the case! I was scammed by the Tax Club, PMI and Fidelity Merchant Solutions too for over $30,000 about 2 yrs ago. The same thing happened to me and I hired a company called CR Consumer Resources and I recovered every penny from the Tax Club. If you want to see your money jump on it now.

This company really helped me out. I cant believe I got all of my investment from these fraudsters back. I just received my money from the credit cards that I put the transactions on yesterday. I wanted to come online and let people know where to get help. 888-563-5558. Take your money back! Get the help! I did and even got interest and fees paid on my credit cards.

I am still in shock. I never thought I'd see that money again.


I too got conned by (NMS) National Marketing services that is in bed with the tax club.So let's talk about them and then we will talk about the tax club.

National marketing service's.

I have joined this company that said it would teach me how to set up my web site in 8 week's and thay would set up my web site ,four week's later my web site was still not set up,and thay sent me a list of thing's i needed to do, 6 week's later the list thay sent me was the wrong list,so 7,250.00 later. I'm still at the same place i was when i started.

the tax club.

join the tax club in 2009,to start an internet business. And thay said thay had all the bell's and whistles for 3,890 dollar's and all thay did was my corporation paper work and my personal taxes and then gave me a line about my business and i could not claim any thing on my 2009 taxes. So then i wanted to get my tax refund in the mail,the tax club gave the irs my bank account number with out my autherize,and then the irs send,s me a bill for 175.00 for not sending a quarterly tax statement that the tax club was to i got conned and i hope someone read's this so thay don't get conned too.



Some of the people posting here (accessonescamsisthescam; getfactsstraight) are obviously agents for the companies that we consumers are pissed off about.


If PMI (Professional Marketing International) is not owned by Graziosi, why do PMI marketeers answer the phone with the phrase "...Dean Graziosi's Real Estate Group."

I have positive proof of that statement during conversations with Tim Miller of PMI in Lehi, UT.

Vineland, New Jersey, United States #113569

You may want to do more research before you just start writing. PMI is not owned by Dean Graziosi.

You seem to have too much time on your hands..If people were just paid a little more attention to what they were purchasing and maybe actually tried the programs they buy, there wouldn't be a need for these sites.

No one ever wants to take blame for being lazy or just not actually putting in the effort, so the easiest thing to say is SCAM. The people who post these complaints never tell the full story


Rgeinc.. If your bank says you CAN NOT open a business bank account then I would change banks. You can open a small business checking account even if do not have even an EIN.

Why did you lose income from your website when you do not HAVE to have anything to put a site live?

How can any of these companies be THIEVES when you knowingly gave them your money? YOU made the decision to spend your money so take responsibility for what YOU did!!!


AccessOneScams, You really don't know what you are talking about. PMI is not owned by Dean, it is solely owned by Steve Thorn and Dean uses his coaching company!

As far as refund issues, READ YOUR CONTRACT before you sign it!! If you don't understand something then find out BEFORE you sign anything.

If most people had done that a few years ago BEFORE buying a house in the sub prime market we would not have all the foreclosures we do!! READ AND UNDERSTAND ANYTHING YOU SIGN!


"PMI" in this complaint would be "Professional Marketing Internation" in Lehi, Utah.

Contrary to what Professional Marketing International (PMI) people will tell you, PMI is owned by Dean Graziosi of the late-night, early-morning real estate get rich quick infomercial. Dean has multiple companies and I wouldn't be surprised if he has interest in The Tax Club.

If you call PMI they answer the phone with, "firstname-lastname of Dean Graziosi's Real Estate Group.

My feelings were validated when I read here on that PMI and The Tax Club have some sort of "connection." Dean is trying to clean up his dubious methods but he still has a long way to go.

A big step in the right direction would be for Dean to tell his "advisors" to stop telling new students to use The Tax Club. Until he does this, his motives will always be questionable.

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