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I was referred to THE TAX CLUB last week. Their closer, H*d*, thought he was very slick, but he was so far from reality that it was almost hilarious. We are trying to set up a LLC small business and he told us we needed an S-Corp. Not true, not even close. He tried to tell us that, under an S-Corp we could "Live the corporate lifestyle, letting the business pay for everything," and charge our household expenses to the company and write them off as business expenses. In H*d*'s words, the write-offs included groceries, movie tickets, vacations, you name it. I already knew groceries wasn't right, so I questioned him about movie tickets. His response was that "You discuss the business!!" At the movies? Come on...! I know I'm sometimes slow...but!!!

He went on the tell us that we could give ourselves bonuses and NOT have to " taxes on bonuses!!" By then, what tiny bit of credibility H*d* had left was washed downstream by his incredible flood of BS!

All we wanted was an LLC set up. The Tax Club's price was $4700+ $50/month, and they don't do much for that. They only do taxes for the first year and after that they aren't even competitive. Oh, yes, they would do our annual minutes (required under an S-Corp) and I think that is one of the reasons they wanted us to be and S-Corp--just to keep us in their "flock." Well, it didn't take long to realize they were escalating things, trying to get more money from us.

It turns out H*d* is NOT a tax consultant, NOT a lawyer; he's JUST a "closer" who doesn't know taxes from ***. Another person giving "advise" was also NOT a lawyer and NOT a tax expert. Wow!

We checked around and found that a business lawyer charges less than $2000 to set up LLCs/S-Corps and there are legitimate business on-line that will do it for about $500.

The next thing The Tax Club did was to set us up with a series of meetings with some of their "associate" companies, six or seven meetings in all. Topics include personal finance (their associate is already trying to get our IRA money), organizational strategies, essential planning, "all access books" (don't have any clue what that is), business progress analysis, and business success. Wow!! Our pie isn't that big. If we had that much money we wouldn't need to set up a business.

After cancelling within the three days allowed, billing promised to give us a full refund within seven days. I'll be looking forward to that $4700+ returned to my bank account next week, but I know I might have to fight for it.

I wonder how much "kickback" the referring company got from The Tax Club. There certainly was enough money to go around. It also makes me wonder why a multi-millionaire would stoop so low and risk his reputation. I started to cancel out of the referring company but decided that the information I need to succeed will come faster than if I simply proceed on my own.

The bottom line is, CAVEAT EMPTOR!! The buyer needs to know what they want before dealing with some of these unsavory businesses.

...and the funny things's competition (rhymes with 'gitoffdechord') has gotten IN BED with The Tax Club, giving them AND the referring company a CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH. From my experience, I say BS!! Makes me wonder who is paying whom.

In summary, I'm considering a complaint to the New York State Attorney General...

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I was scammed by the Tax Club too for over $30,000. The same thing happened to me and I hired a company called CR Consumer Resources and I recovered every penny from the Tax Club.

If you want to see your money jump on it now. This company really helped me out. I cant believe I got all of my investment from these fraudsters back. I just received my money from the credit cards that I put the transactions on yesterday.

I wanted to come online and let people know where to get help. 888-563-5558. Take your money back!

Get the help! I did and even got interest and fees paid on my credit cards.

Utah Consumer Advocate

PMI is not wholly owned by Graziosi. Graziosi is a partner of PMI. He is a big account of their company, but does not own them. My experience has shown that the Department of Consumer Protection or AG offices don't force the companies to issue refunds, since most of you who enter these programs have signed agreements. It's a tough call for the state since they are trying to balance helping the consumers in their state as well as not impede a free capitalistic society. There are real solutions that don't involve contacting the state for help. I could go on and on...

If you want more information, please contact me at

Good luck, Jon


What do i do - i live UK


No, been down that road before with the Colorado AG. Had his ear and his sympathy but he couldn't/wouldn't do anything to nail the ***. Although the Tax Club has an office in NYC they are licensed in Utah. Utah, like Colorado and Florida, has weak laws regarding consumer scams and nebulous schemes.

It took about a week for the tax club to credit my account.

The company that referred me to the Tax Club is PMI (Professional Marketing International), wholly owned by Dean Graziosi. I think PMI got a kick-back.

In a day or two I will have a page dedicated to real estate investment schemes/scams on my Scam Alert website, It will contain short articles about investment companies to stay clear of, including both of these companies, and others that I know about.


Thanks, I cancelled within the 3 days, so here's hoping! Did you file a complaint with the NY Attorney General in the end?


Yes, I did get my money back, mainly because I cancelled within 3 days, AND caught them in a huge lie. They tape their conversations and I'm sure they knew the "advisor" didn't have his shite together.


So, did you get your refund or are you still fighting for it? I am awaiting on mine, they have until the end of the week.


If you want to file a complaint, file it with the BBB NY, UT, FL, TX & NJ it may do some good, these cockroaches are everywhere. I filed with these and Andrew Cuomo, Attorney General of NY, who replied back, "We cannot help you, file a complaint with the BBB and for $5.00 they will mediate a settlement for you.

Not only is Ripoff Report in bed with The Tax Club, I believe the AG of NY is also, and it is not even a Corporation in NY. The reason The Tax Club charges so much and screws there customers is they have a giant bill, paying off Ripoff Report and Politicans. Also if you want to sue the you have to find them, as i did.

They hide like cockroaches. Go to the Secretary of State Utah, and search Tax Club Inc.,The, that is where you will them and the information so that you need so you can serve their agent and have them travel to your jurisdiction to defend a lawsuit, as I an doing.

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