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The Tax Club conned me out of $6,000. The Tax Club has half a dozen different names, including Manhattan Professional Group (, Vital Payroll (, All Access Bookkeeping(, My Essential Planning (, Business Document Center ( and Ikongo (

The only thing they are good at is selling you products you don’t need. When I was talking to my original “business advisor” Bert Seither, he assured me that there was only a one time fee for all of their services. One by one, I would get a call for all of their services. I called back and asked to speak with Bert’s manager and was told his managers name was Brendon Pack and that he was not available.

When I asked to speak to Brendons manager I was told it was Michael Savage but he was not available either. Looks like no one wants to take responsibility for lack of service. The bottom line is that they don’t care about you or about your business. They take your money and run.

I’m surprised these people are still allowed to carry on with this shady business. I wish I took the time to research this company before I spent my savings on them. Instead of spending money on my business, I’ve been paying The Tax Club for services which were never rendered.

The owner of the company is Tedd Johnson and he should be ashamed of himself for taking advantage of hardworking people.

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I was just offered at job in Studio City ca. I was told that I will get 20% of the sale subtract 30% for company costs and the president is Ted Johnson. They said this is a new office and they are looking to hire 40 people selling web sites web site is

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:x I have had the same problems with The Tax Club. Stay away from them.


Wow! I really feel bad for all of you consumers that got ripped off.

For those of you who haven't dealt with tax club, but are looking for a reputable service...stay away from any firm that promises to lower your tax bill. That's almost always a sign that they're shady. They're either going to rip you off with poor service or take tax deductions that you aren't entitled to. Sure, you can claim ignorance if you get audited, but you're still going to have to pay the interest and penalties.

Word of advice. If you're looking for a decent tax accountant, do some research about your tax situation. Learn a little something so when you go in for the consulation, you'll know what to ask.

One pissed off consumer mentioned that her "tax specialist" didn't even know what LLC stood for, or that it could make a "check the box" election. She should have trusted her instinct, and not hired that loser. Please don't make the same mistake she did and fall for these tax cheats bad advice and bad service.

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