The Tax club contacted me and told me that they were told to contact me by a company I was using for on line services. When I told them that I already had the same services they offered, they got upset ; telling me that their services were greater and different and would not duplicate services, that their service were in additon to what I had and that I had to sign-up with them.

I gave them my money and eleven hours later I called up and canceled.

A few minutes later I got a call from one of the managers. I canceled, the manager stopped my cancelation two different times. He then agreed to the cancelation. When I didn't see my money being returned, I called They were willing to give my money back minuse $450.00 for Administrative costs.

I had never signed any contract. I'm Pissed Off.

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I have had a similar experience with Ikongo. I gave specific instructions which they ignored and did precisely what they wanted. The product was unacceptable.

I cancelled the arrangement letting them know that I would file with BBB, every Consumer Protection Agency, and then do a transaction dispute.

Shady dealings. I hope they have fun when their karma ripens!!!

Jan Carolyn Hardy


I sure hope you paid them by creditcard !

If so I strongly advise you to request a transaction dispute (charge-back) with your bank.

You have good reason to do that in this case.

See my complaint about these professional rif-offs.

And I hope your bank is as good as mine !

Jan de Jager

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