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I initially signed up with The Tax Club based on an ad I saw at paid an initial one-time $1500 payment plus $20/month.

After I signed up, they said that they wanted to schedule phone calls with me to discuss my tax planning. I assumed this was to help with preparation of my tax records for the preparation of my tax return. It turned out that every call (there were about 6 calls scheduled) were to sell additional cost services to me. Plus the sales approach was combative.

Regardless, The Tax Club did prepare my 2008 tax return to my satisfaction. I received a call today (12/30/09) that was to discuss the status of preparing my 2009 tax return. I found out that I was going to have to spend an additional $850 to have the 2009 tax return prepared even though I had paid the initial $1500 fee plus I had been paying the monthly $20 fee that I thought was to go towards the preparation of my current year tax return. It turns out the $20/mth fee was only for access to tax consultants.

So I cancelled my account.

I can prepare my own business/personal tax return at much lower cost using TurboTax's business/home tax software.The Tax Club is a ripoff.

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Liony, contact me if you haven't been successful in getting this resolved with the tax club. I can help.


They will keep charging you until you cancel your account.

Yes, tell your credit card to stop paying them.

What I did was call the tax club to cancel my account and also my credit card.

they did not help in any special way. HR Block or do-it-yourself taxes is a MUCH better deal. Don't pay their rent at Empire State Building!!


The monthly charge is for "tax consulting services." It does not go towards the cost of preparing your annual return. That will be an additional charge.


I signed up with the tax club in Nov.I have received a business plan, tax plan, my EIN number, and some other sales tax forms for the state.

But they told me I would be making about $5000 within 2 months. They said they would build my website, They haven't started that yet. As much money I have spent.

I think they scammed me.Now I'm in debt up to my eyebrows and trying to figure out a way to get my money back.


What can I do now? I am on Tax Club payment plan - can I just tell my credit card company not cancel any more payments to Tax Club?

I am paying $99 plus $49.95 per month as from February. I still don't know what the $49.95 is for, and I have been told I will have to pay for my tax returns to gbe filed if I want them to do it for me.

Any advice would be greatfully received.

So far, I have had some calls from them, but that's it, not any business advice at all as yet.

It is the business plan call tonight, so I will post tonight about this one.


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