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I should have known from the beginning that that this company wasn't legitimate. One of there representatives called me and told me they were calling on behalf of Legal Zoom.

When I asked him what the status of my DBA was, he told me to check with Legal Zoom...? That was the first clue that something fishy was going on. Next, the sales person told me that tax wise, I shouldn't of picked a limited liability corporation. I told him that LLC stood for Limited Liability Company, and that for tax purposes I was being considered a S-Corporation.

Again, he seemed confused. The next 30 minutes was a high pressured sales pitch where he insisted my company would fail if I did not purchase their glorious services. At the end I gave in, considering it would be easier to pay someone else to do all of this work early. After that sales call, I've received half a dozen more calls all with false promises.

Promises like "you'll get all of your start up money back in taxes" or "we'll get you a business grant" or "we will help you get your website up and running" or "we'll do your taxes on time". They promise one thing and they do another. Seems like the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing; poor organization. Check the Better Business Bureau's website to see all the complaints they have.

The Tax Club is a mess, stick with a local CPA. They can do it in 1/10th of what you end up paying to these thieves.

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Tax really hosed me this year, I would stay away from them. After they would not return my e-mails and phone calls I threatened legal action.

Guess what? They stopped billing me. But it doesn't help with the amount of money I gave to them upfront.

The Tax Club is a bunch of ***-artists who don't honestly know much about Taxes. You have been warned..

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