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I am not part of the Tax Club, but I do know the founder/owner. Ted Johnson is his name, and he will do anything to make a buck. He was part of PMI and SMI in Utah (a team leader). He broke off and started The Tax Club, but they are all in cahoots with each other. The NY address is just a way to make them seem more legit. They are based in the west (Ted lives in phoenix, St George and Brian Head, Utah.)

I worked at PMI for a few months with him, (and for him) and he is the biggest lying sack of *** there is. I finally had to leave because I didn't have the "killer instinct" to keep ripping people off. Many like myself did the same thing.

Remember...the "Tax Club" strategy is to get your initial fee, and then up-sell you more stuff and programs from other companies. They hope that you will get so frustrated that you just stop trying to get what your promised, and rack it up to a bad investment. It's a complete numbers game. I studied what they are selling and realized it is nothing more than glorified Turbo Tax. Stay as far away as possible from this scam, as well as any other like it coming from Utah....I'm embarrassed to say I'm from this state!

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You for got to say that he has two homes in St. George, UT - a ranch in Texas and a houseboat on Lake Powell, thanks to all the people he has ripped off. He once stated that his dream was to have a Penthouse in Manhattan, I wonder if he has gotten that yet.


Tedd is now in San diego doing a scam called The website is hilarious!!!

He list's some *** *******cker named Chris Flores on his website as an expert financial advisor and businessman. I think he even claimed to be a pro golfer. Either way, I just remember him as a fat **ck who sat in an old reclining office chair in an old office building in Lehi, Ut, yelling at his team to "get on the **cking phones and call their leads!" Not sure, but I think Tedd and him were buddies growing up in Ft Worth.

I wasted a **cking year of my life in that place (PMI)!!!!! No doubt these guys have $$, thanks to honest trusting people in the world.

Last I heard, someone was out for Tedd's kneecaps...


I lost 20,000 a year ago how do I get my money back.




I worked there for 2 weeks before I realized what they were doing,I was in ny office.These sales people are all crack and heroin addicts!!! Thats why they can rob you and not care. Im sicilian and I remember names of all these *** bags,I will not forgive or forget.


And if the clown managers are still there that were in 08..YOU KNOW WHO I AM AND I WONT FORGET YOU *** THIEVES EITHER!! KARMA !!!

mother ***..Its *** !!!!




I dont know the tax club, I dont know Tedd Johnson. In fact I dont know anyone who has ever been a customer. What I do know is that Im reading these posts and LMAO. I went to Jenny Craig and paid 5000.00 to lose weight. I did everything they said, (Kinda, I snacked at night.. snickers, ice cream mostly..) but I paid all the money. Its been a year now and I haven't lost any weight. Im pissed and want to start a class action! I want my money back! I wished we could all be *** with our money and blame someone, maybe its my Dads fault..



Kasandra... Jeremy Johnson is NOT Tedd Johnson's son. Tedd's children are all quite young. I know both Tedd and Jeremy personally and they are not related. They are both crooks but not by blood.

BAD MORMONS - Should be Ashamed.....

Contact info for Tedd Johnson is 435-619-6589, Joel Sessions (CFO) 435-229-2549, Callon Lee (Co owner of the Tax Club) 435-229-4919

Looks like Tedd may be moving the biz from Utah to California as he has now moved Callon Lee to Encinitas to work at his office there. Tedd says he will not close the Utah office as long as his family members are still in Utah and need a job. Callon Lee and Joel Sessions are his brother in laws. So now they will open another office in California because the Attorney General in Utah may not get re-elected this year.

to Just saying...... #683318

I believe right now there is just a skeleton crew in St. George. Joel Sessions wasn't that bad of a person but Callon Lee was a person who had an office, because he didn't do much of anything except walking through the area where the sales people worked.


Deceiving Sales Tactics and Refund Policy. Sales reps tell you that you NEED to purchase their services or you will face lawsuits by customers or that if you don't buy their services, your newly acquired business will fail.

For those who have been scammed by the Tax Club, here is some vital info you may want to have. You can call and write this guy who is in charge over there along with his partners.

Brendon Pack - MPG, Inc. - 350 Fifth Avenue Suite 6015 - New York, NY 10118

Phone: 212-915-0934 Email:

His partner Gary Milwick:

Ted Johnson - no info

Go ahead and contact these guys for your money back. I also suggest you contact the FTC, FCC, Attorney General's office both in New York and your state and file complaints. Also call your credit card company and have them do a charge back on the amount you got scammed for. Good luck.


It's the Johnson's and the Spinks' in St. George that are doing this.

Ted Johnson taught his son Jeremy all about this illegal business.

Terry and Terrason Spinks are also involved and work with them. What's wrong with these people.

to Kasandra Hurricane, Utah, United States #592703

I know Terry Spinks & he isn't involved in any of these companies. Terry is just the pilot who flys for the Tax Club.

His son Terrason is not involved in the Tax Club either. Ted Johnson & Jeremy are not related & own different companies. BEFORE YOU SLANDER SOMEONE YOU SHOULD KNOW WHAT THE *** YOUR TALKING ABOUT. I dispise people like you who blame people without know what your talking about.

Your an *** Kasandra or whoever you pretend to be.

Get your facts right. :(


The Tax Club is a SCAM!!! They f*cked me so hard financially, when I ended my account with them, my a**hole bled for two weeks afterwards,


I was looking into his business because of a monitor-clerk job he offered on the Washington County Workforce-Services website. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR COMMENTS--I WILL STAY WAY FROM HIM.

You probably noticed, too, his English stinks! So he's not making his website look too professional--more on the ignorant side.


Tell me there is no such thing as a sucker. And I will tell you there are no easy made 100k a year jobs..... LOL


We went to stores online seminar in calgary canada in a big fancy hotel, there were over 1,000 people there, sounded like a great oppertunity, got set up an ready to go.We were told they would be with us all the way, that we would hane innitial set up cost payed back in 6 months just by our web biz.

that start date was August,29,2009.

Today is Dec,15, and havent even got a biz # or gst# (required in alberta)or buz name! I have been told to hold on the info is coming in the mail, that was 2 week ago, I keep phoning an get transfered to some one else yada! yada! yada! blah! blah! blah!so I guess its easy to say december is hooped so come jan 2010 we have 3 months left, to get web going ( need a miracle at this pace)

I talked to pmi an expressed my anger from tax club and how im almost ready to ask for money back ( He told me Im gonna loose out on great opportunity)

I phoned tax club an explaied they're to blame for web construction delay they denyed it big time iI have cancelled my credit card so they cant access. hope things turn for the better


I'll do you all one better! I used to work for them, they are out of St George, UT!

They scam people everyday! I never sold anything I was responsible for generating sales leads but I observed the scams first hand. And get this, I have met Ted, he's a ***! I am related to his private pilot and have access to his airplane and hangar, I know exactly where the *** lives, all his buddies, and everything about him!

I've been on his private jet with him and he was an *** hole to me because I didn't fit in his members only club for rich *** holes!

I also know Callon Lee! Let's bust these *** holes!


It is sad to hear about these businesses.

More regulation is needed.


My husband was lost his job in May 2008 and saw a tv informertial about this. Needless to say, he though it would be a great opportunity.

During the initial phone call, I was on the line and I kept questioning the man about things he was telling us. (I have a BA in accounting). Nothing sounded right to me, but my husband really wanted an opportunity, so he went ahead and spent the money.

Within a few days they sent up several appointments "to teach us how to run the business".

Each call was just someone else asking for more money. I kept telling my husband to stop listening to them, but it got to the point where they had him convinced everything was legit and we ended up with over $20,000 in debt and a web site that never had a customer. In addition, we have to deal with the taxes issues from closing the s-corp.

It has been a nightmare and I wish someone would put a stop to this and throw them all in jail! To make matters worse, we have two small children and I am still in school.


Exactly ritht! Read my post under the main topic.

They tried to scam me but I caught on prior to the three-day refund limit. They had some pretty bizzare claims, such as "Pay yourself a bonus; you don't have to pay tax on your bonuses," or "You can claim all your household expenses, including groceries, as business expenses."

Yeah, they said that.

My next correspondence will be with the NY State Attorney General.

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