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We joined the Tax Club in 2005 because we had a real estate investing business and we told this was the best company to go through to make sure our taxes were handled correctly and that we got the most money back. The first two years they did our taxes (2005 and 2006) we felt we received good service and our taxes were done quickly and efficiently. (even though that VTO is a joke and not any different from turbo tax that would have saved us hundreds of dollars and almost 2 months waiting for our taxes to be done-not to mention that we had information that didn't fit anywhere there!)

This year was a joke. We submitted our VTO before the deadline of February 29, but it still took them until April 15 to file our taxes. Many emails and calls went unanswered, and I'm truly not sure our taxes were done correctly. I have no confidence in the person who completed them.

I cancelled our membership in April by email, but received no confirmation from them. None. Then when I called today to confirm it was cancelled and talk about getting a refund of the past two months since they should have filed in early March and not April, they basically told me they issue no refunds and there was nothing they could do. This was after she told me I should just be glad they got done by the deadline because so many others didn't! What the heck??? I told her it wasn't my problem if they're over worked and under staffed. Stay away from the Tax Club! We spent $600 a year on membership fees and could have gone somewhere else for much less!!

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Whitewater, Wisconsin, United States #11855

Grosely incompetent. Have received better customer service and results from the department of motor vehicles.

BE WARNED -- do not do business with the Tax Club or you will be sorry

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