Yes I couldn't agree more with all of the complaints, I had tried that anthony morrison's how to make a domain site. And that is all I wanted to do.But this girl named Erika Gonzalez seemed pretty nice.

,but it seemed liked each week we talked about the same thing. And then some guy gets on the phone telling me that I need to have a tax advisor. There was so much BS going on that I decided to cancel,infact I called my bank and had these two companies put on a watch list, and sure enough pmi tried to access my account without authorization and a stop was put on it. right after that pmi closed the account.

I am contacting the NY attorney general office and a few others. Bottom line these companies need to be put out of business and all monies should be returned to the people they ripped off, not counting that these people need about thirty years in jail with no parole and be put in some hardcore prison.And see how they can get over somebody in there,and see what happens.Dakota

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PMI and the Tax Club and so many other scammers all work together. I hope this message finds you and I'm hoping that you were successful in recovering your money.

I also hired an attorney and I did not win the case! I was scammed by the Tax Club, PMI and Fidelity Merchant Solutions too for over $30,000 about 2 yrs ago. The same thing happened to me and I hired a company called CR Consumer Resources and I recovered every penny from the Tax Club. If you want to see your money jump on it now.

This company really helped me out. I cant believe I got all of my investment from these fraudsters back. I just received my money from the credit cards that I put the transactions on yesterday. I wanted to come online and let people know where to get help.

crconsumerresources.com 888-563-5558. Take your money back! Get the help! I did and even got interest and fees paid on my credit cards.

I am still in shock. I never thought I'd see that money again.


SAME TYPE STORY. WE ALL NEED TO FILE PAPERS WITH THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF UTAH, WHERE THEIR CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS IS, AS WELL AS IN NEW YORK, WHERE THE MANHATTAN BRANCH IS of The Tax Club. That's who called me with all the garbage on how much money I'd save and maybe not even have to pay any taxes.


EVERYONE SCAMMED, NEEDS TO FILE A COMPLAINT AND REQUEST OUR MONEY BACK. THEY DID NOTHING FOR ME BUT LIE, SAYING I HAD TO SET UP A SEPARATE BANK ACCOUNT, SET UP A NEW BUSINESS NAME (I already have a business name and business bank account), Set up a corporation - even though I was told when I set up my home business of 14 years, to set it up as a Propriertorship for simplicity sake in filing taxes, etc.

Anyway, I received a stack of papers in the mail to sign and return, including papers where they had set up a new EIN number in my name and a corporation with 100 shares of stock, a new business name. I called the IRS and they told me not to dare sign them and to call the IRS in Cincinatti, as well as my state, and to send the EIN paper to the IRS in Ohio (Federal branch) with a note to NOT activate the new EIN number. Anyway, file complaints and get the word out. The TAX CLUB has already dropped to a C-(minus) rating with the BBB.

Now they are telling Citi Bank that they sent me papers to sign in an email attachment, that I had to return within 3 days and that I never returned them. That was the first time I had heard anything about this and never saw an email from them, except from a girl named Tamara Carter, in which she said my Tax Club Account had been cancelled. Naturally, I assumed I would get a refund, in fact, Citi Bank disputed the charges and that's when Two women from The Tax Club said they sent me an email, requesting I sign it and return it within 3 days. I had never heard of these two ladies who told CitiBank that they had sent me an email with an attachment, but I see their names on the BBB review as a customer contact and a dispute resolution person with The Tax Club. Supposedly, I had requested the refund within the time period, but because I did not send their email back signed, I had forfeited my refund. When they send me papers they want me to sign that would benefit them, they send them by USPS; if it is papers for them to pay me my money back, they say it was sent via an email attachment? I see absolutely nothing from them that came by email and I received no phone calls from them about the paper. This was only sent to CitiBank and they sent it to me.

An email??? When they wanted me to sign their forms for all that stuff they sent (new EIN number, corporation, IRS forms, etc) the papers arrived in the US mail. What does that tell you! If it's for their benefit, it comes through the mail; if it is required by them for my refund, then they send an email attachment -- which I have never seen and is not downloaded in my email which comes by satellite, and a copy also downloads into Outlook Express -- yet no email from them was found in either. Now, Citi Bank says they cannot stop them from charging my account again with the charge back I had received. I think these Banks are just as crooked, wanting interest and late fees. So now CitiBank has charged late fees to my account for the time it has been in dispute.

Everyone - let's file complaints with the Attorney General's Office of both Utah and New York. Go to their website and do it via internet.


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