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I am new at the website business – having signed up with a mentoring program 3 months ago. There's no going back on the AU$3900 I paid for that.

The TaxClub called me up Thursday last week, and the first thing said to me was they got my details from my coach and they were there to help me move forward, to help me establish credibility for my business. Among the goals was for me to recoup my initial investment with my coaching program, separate my personal from my business lives including getting away from customers who'd be calling me in the middle of the night . . . In the middle of his spiel, I was already asking myself: how much will this cost me. After an hour: AU$3890 upfront plus $49.95 monthly (he can push back the monthly a month back) – money I couldn't afford. I smelled a rat but I allowed myself to be sucked in. I gave my credit card details and some other financial information that they wanted so they can file my personal and business tax.

Friday, I had a coaching call when I mentioned the TaxClub to my coach who immediately said he'd never given my details to the TaxClub, they'd received some about complaints about them, and would not really not recommend them.

So, immediately, I sent back the TaxClub agreement – which I fortunately I hadn't signed off on, telling them I'm canceling. I got an auto-email back saying to finalise my request someone would call me back within the next 48 hours.

At 8am on this Saturday morning, this same guy at the TaxClub woke me up basically with the same spiel he'd already given me before. I interrupted him several times. But he kept telling me that I don't understand what this was all about (that I was the only person he'd spoken to who was); that he didn't understand why my mentoring program if not the coach didn't know anything about this – he'd ask his director to sort this out next week (because it was his Friday); that it was against the law to give me references as to people who'd use the TaxClub successfully (use the Testimonials on the website); that he'd give me a 38% discount for now (for less services) and I could still cancel within 15 days (@ 15% the cost). He'd be my friend, he'd be giving me special personal attention.

I was so tempted, and twice there I almost signed up again. I even asked to delay until after the weekend so I can check credibility of this program with my coach, with BBB, even with posts like this. The answer was no. Finally I said NO. Even if he made me feel that I would be the only person to blame, that I would regret this, that if I'd be paying more if I changed my mind.

Now I've got to wait whether they will refund me fully.

Is TheTaxClub a scam or not? I don't really know, but with all this pressure and now that I'm reading all these posts . . .

Sorry for the long comment, but my ears are still ringing with the doubts that I'm ***, that I'm confused about all this, that I don't know what I'm doing in turning this down.

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PMI and the Tax Club and so many other scammers all work together. I hope this message finds you and I'm hoping that you were successful in recovering your money.

I also hired an attorney and I did not win the case! I was scammed by the Tax Club, PMI and Fidelity Merchant Solutions too for over $30,000 about 2 yrs ago. The same thing happened to me and I hired a company called CR Consumer Resources and I recovered every penny from the Tax Club. If you want to see your money jump on it now.

This company really helped me out. I cant believe I got all of my investment from these fraudsters back. I just received my money from the credit cards that I put the transactions on yesterday. I wanted to come online and let people know where to get help. 888-563-5558. Take your money back! Get the help! I did and even got interest and fees paid on my credit cards.

I am still in shock. I never thought I'd see that money again.


I feel really bad about the work I did for this company. I worked in the tempe AZ office.

I figured out mostly what I was doing within 2 months. I saw alot of things pushed there during that time. I was one of the only people doing doing home refinancing reviews at the time. I called people up got yelled at for all the right reasons cause i handed info off so they could now after screwing up your credit cards could put it in your home loan and make sure you lost that too.

I am really sorry for what I did during my work there. Oh and the other ex employee from Utah is right about people being high at work and ex cons. Cause they did not even do a back ground check at all or a drug test.

The manager over me gave me the creeps and I know he was doing this girl that worked with me and he always wanted to come to my house. They are not just bad business they are just bad people.


I was a sales person for The Tax Club and what everyone is saying is correct. The "coaches", who are just reading you a script and are not educated coaches, do not give them your info. Tedd Johnson, Callon Lee (co-owners of TTC), Joel Sessions (CFO) and Mike Savage (Co President)are all in bed with people like Dean Grazosi, Anthony Morrison and Steve Thorn (owner of PMI coaching) as well as Matt Shurtleff (Utah Attorney General).

Don't believe me? Check out (Tedd Johnson's hunting ranch) and look up Tedd Johnson on Twitter as well. At Christmas he posted photos of the very expensive saddle Dean Grazosi gave him as well as pics of his recent golfing trips with the Attorney General for Utah and Steve Thorn from PMI coaching.

I worked in Utah for them and many of the people you are giving your credit card, social security info and your money to have criminal backgrounds. One man, Tim Leng, was recently arrested on warrants as well. He is also always at work stoned out of his mind. He is not the only one though because several of the sales people are drug addicts or known felons. The other salesmen such as Jacques Francis, Charlie Pulver, Kevin Gooch, Steve Matthews, Omar Olsen and Rich Cordova as well as Tim Leng will literally say anything to get your money. The company may issue fines to them or lying but when they are making over 150K per year what does a couple of hundred dollars mean to them? Nothing!!

Just check out Tedd Johnson on Twitter and at and you will see he is in bed with all the people above. Matter of fact, on you will see dear Dean G in several featured videos saying how wonderful Tedd is!!

I am not a disgruntled ex-employee, as I was the one who choose to quit working for such a horrible dishonest company.


You must have had the same guy I talked to. Westbay was his name.

He called me back this AM after I said I was cancellig.

Capitol One stoped the charge but my VISA accepted a 1000.00 and said I had to get The Tax Club To refund it..

He was still talking when I hung up. What kind of organization would max out two old retired peoples' cards??


I got hit by the the same crocks. They charged me 2300 us dollars After the first month where they said they would be in contact with me I only had one contact never herad from them again.

my credit card was cancelled because of a breech. Then after trying to geta hold of them phone calls went in circles Now they want their money and no services IU have reported them as a fraudulent company.Lets file a class action suit against them.Anyone in on it

Dike, Iowa, United States #221121

To Cricket2 and Sassie:

You two did the right thing getting out of the tax club within the 15 day time frame. I to had similar experiences as you guys with the tax club in august.

Unfortunately I got stuck with another big bill from a web development company offering a package of 4 different services that come up to more that $10,000. By the time I decided I did not want to use the package it was past 15 days.

And when I look at the billing address for this company it with the same as the Tax Club. They were using another name called My Online Development.


Just to provide an update to this . ..

The Tuesday (I guess NYC’s Monday) following, I got another call from ANOTHER TaxClub GUY who wanted to be my 2nd BEST FRIEND. (I'd emailed them again over my weekend confirming my cancellation). He wanted to understand why, and started promising me that he could get my trust & confidence back. (by this time, all I really wanted was my full refund), so I told him: (1) prove to me that this was part of my existing coaching program – even after I’d sent him the email from my business coach refuting their relationship; (2) give me name/phone # of someone locally to talk to – someone who’s used the TaxClub successfully – but I still want my full refund until all my questions were answered. He asked for time to get this done – after more hemming and hewing, I finally got it out of him if he was to do this, my cancellation would be put on hold.

Lesson: even after you cancel, they’ll make additional calls perhaps so without knowing it you’re actually going beyond the 3-full-refund-clause; so they can charge you 15% (if you remember to cancel again within 15 days).

I have finally gotten my money, really, back 5 days after my initial cancellation. It wasn’t really a full refund as I lost about A$50 due to the currency fluctuation between USD and AUD.

By posting my full story, I hoped to show readers how persistent, and believable they can be. One NO isn’t simply enough; you have to say it many times. Sometimes, even be rude about it.


I just had a call this morning from the same people who gave the same spiel. They made it sound like by business coach gave them my details and it was the next step in the process.

I too had alarm bells ringing a couple of minutes in, wondering "how much?" The alarm bells continued when I found he was in New York, but my "company" was to have a registered agent in Wyoming. He finally got to it and asked for my credit card number. I told him flat out I was NOT happy simply providing my card number over the phone just like that. Then the hard-sell-push.

I apologised for the fact that I was about to be rude, and hung up.

Then I jumped online and found all this. What a relief!

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