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They serve NO Purpose whatsoever other than taking your money, they are Professional ***-Artists.I knew someone who currently works there and bragged about his Manager named Bert who had ripped off a woman out of $3K by appealing to her spirituality.

She was also recently in an accident and was on meds so she wasnt in her right mind.

This person was so arrogant and condescending about pitching people I am confident karma will get him in the end.

In the meantime, I advise everyone to check the NY Better Biz. Bureau, get on the Internet and spread the word about this scam.

They will NOT help you after you pay them their fees.

I was personally told this by my now ex-friend!!

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I worked for these crooks for nearly 2 years before I finally said I have had it.They not only rip off their clients everyday.

They also rip off their employees. During the 2007 tax season, they were so understaffed and had literally thousands of tax returns that had to be prepared, so what did they do? They made everyone work long hours during the week (9:30 am to about 10 pm) and they on weekends, they wanted everyone to work overtime, but the compensation was 1 hour of paid time off for every 2 hours worked.

Which means, you are compensated for 1/2 of your work.I wonder where's the other half.

to Former Tax Club Employee #683308

In Ted Johnson's pocket.


640 complaints with the BBB over the past 3 years?! Are you kidding me?! you know you're in bad shape when the BBB warns folks NOT to attend one of their "Scaminars," I mean Seminars...


Of course the positive posts here on the Tax Club are written by employees; they're the ones nervously chain smoking outside the Empire State NYC.

They have a quota to make. Don't help them.

Save your money.As one of their telemarketers said, "They can go out and Buy a copy of Turbo Tax!!" Quote my comment on your website, or Facebook/myspace and use the POWER of viral marketing!!




Glenwood City, Wisconsin, United States #33306

I'm going to quote from a previous post.

"Are you The Tax Club employees trying to make The Tax Club look good? Trust me guys, your just rubbing salt into an open wound. Posting false testimonials is just making your company look even worse. This website is called "Pissed Consumer" not "Happy Consumer"."

It seems like Tax Club Employees are infiltrating this site with false testimonials. It just doesn't make sense for the average consumer to praise a company on a site designed to be a consumer advocacy tool.


I can’t pass this one up without a response...When I first set my business up I was calling my assigned Tax Club CPA almost every day with questions.

In addition, they quickly set-up my real estate business.I don’t understand how it can be said that they will not help you???

to Charles D. #683309

You must be another employee who works for the Tax Club.

Slaughter, Louisiana, United States #32199

I have been a member of The Tax Club for many years. They have completed my returns in the least amount of time as compared to my other accountant. After going through this site I notice some compliants about The Tax Club and I have to say that it is appauling! The Tax Club provides excellent service and the reps are always professional. Please think twice before posting.



to James K. #683312

Give the people a break, you know that you are not telling the truth. I know I used to work for the Tax Club - they are rip off artists.

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